During a portrait session you will experience a visit to the photographer as it was in the 19 th century, and take home your own unique, historical portrait. The process is slow compared with today’s fast way of photographing, so we welcome you to enter into a slower pace, in our cave.


After hearing what you expect from the session you may choose the format and the size of the plate. We begin in the studio, composing the set-up and creating the right mood with the lights. After shooting your image, you can join us in the photographic darkroom and witness the development process. Seeing the portrait slowly appearing is a captivating experience, you will be surprised.


Usually, we shoot two or three plates, and you choose the one you like the most. We strive for a balance between a technically well executed image and a gripping portrait that you will be happy keeping your entire life. After every image is developed we look at it together inside the darkroom.


Portrait sessions take about 2 hours. Once your portrait is done, we need time for a superb finish. The last step in the process is varnishing or encapsulating to preserve the image through time. We also offer handmade, wooden frames, made by a local guitar maker.


You can pick up the plate the same day or the day after. However, if you need to take them immediately, we’ll advise you on how to do it safely.


Bare in mind that before each session we mix fresh chemistry, run light tests and set up the studio. Therefore, in order to offer the best service we are open only upon reservation.